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Friday, 21 June 2013

Hey all! There are lots of skincare products that fall into the 'first aid' section, here's a few of my favorites that I love to use throughout the summer.

1:- This Works Sleep Balm (Far top left) - This is basically a sleep balm. It's perfect for those days where you can't sleep. I used this when I went to NY, and I didn't wanna take sleeping pills to help with the time differences. You apply the balm to your palms, forehead, temples and just drift off into a lovely natural sleep.

2:- Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind (Far bottom left) - I use this pretty much of a daily basis - it's great for reliving headaches and stress. Again, it's an alternative to taking tablets, which a lot of people nowadays would prefer. You apply this to your neck, temples and earlobes, and just feel the tension drift away.

3:- Pommade Divine Cream (Left middle) - This is a multi purpose balm that can be used for sunburn, nappy rashes, cuts, bruises and moisturising all over your body. I always have some of this in my bag when I go out during the summer. You can use it for basically anything. I mainly use this on my lips, and as a deep moisturiser. 

4:- Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water (Right Middle) - Water in a can? What possible use could I have for that? Well, a lot. This is very refreshing for the summer, and it's lovely and refreshing. Sunburn, cuts it cleans and soothes them all. I have facial redness so this calms my redness down, and just makes me feel like I'm in new skin. You can buy this in a smaller spray of 50ml - which is perfect for handbag size.

5:- Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream (Far right middle) - This cream is said to aid healing of wounds, spots and scaring by giving skin the perfect environment to heal. I use this as a hand cream, for when my hands need extra healing and moisturising that normal hand cream won't do.

I had to put this product all alone, but it's just that great! It's This Works in Transit First aid - it's an antiseptic  rollerball product, that you put on minor injuries. I always have this in my bag. It's just perfect. It just is amazing and I've used two of these up already. I'd recommend this to anyone that's going away as a pose to taking cream as this isn't as sticky and it's a lot smaller to take with you. 

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