In Shower Product Testing;

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hey guys, Sorry for the 'fresh out of the shower' look

This week I've been testing out these two products...Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer, and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy. With summer coming up (though looking at the rain outside) these two will come in pretty handy for me.

My hair is natural curly, and it does go frizzy in heat, rain...well, basically any day. I really hoped this would work, and well let's say it didn't do too well after the second day from being washed. I love Aussie products, they leave your hair silky soft, especially the 3 minute miracle treatments. They have a lovely smell of bubble gum, the kind I used to eat as a child that you squeeze out of a tube. It's a lovely product, and I'd recommend it if you want a deep treatment, but to combat frizz, it didn't do the job and my hair was back to it's normal self within two days. It wasn't too much of a waste though as it does treat your hair and leave it silky soft and shiny.

Now, for Nivea. I bought this because I HATE moisturizing. It's my pet hate and I cannot stand it, so this seemed like a great idea. For the days when my OH is at work, and I need to jump in the shower while Alec is asleep, this is great for cutting out the moisturizing at the end of the shower. I love this stuff! It leaves my skin soft, and I cannot believe I survived without it. I think it's great for if you're going away, and need to pack lightly. It's perfect for people that have a busy life, and have a morning shower. I don't shower everyday (unless I get up at 5am everyday :S) so this is just good for a quick shower.

All in all. I think one and a half out of two isn't bad at all.


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