Concealers - Mini Reviews;

Thursday, 11 July 2013

(From left to right)

#1 - Origins Planscription Concealer in 01 Light - I've used this concealer for roughly a year. It's very hydrating, and I love that it's 'anti Aging' as I only use this under my eyes. It's a tad too dark for my skin tone, but I find all the Origins colour range to not cater for very pale people - that being said, it does blend out well. I cannot use this on more than two blemishes on my face because I find that you do notice the colour difference. If you like Collection 2000, but find it's too drying for you, this may be perfect. The coverage is medium, though if it does suit your skin tone, you can layer it up to be more high coverage. The only downside of this product is that it's too hydrating for it's own good. I find that it's very, not greasy but it leaves a shiny look like it is greasy, so you do have to apply a powder to it to let it set.

#2 - NARS Creamy Concealer in 02 Vanilla - SpaceNK had to hunt this down to find it, and it took about two weeks to arrive to me from buying it online. I'm glad because it is well worth the wait. It's lovely and creamy as the name suggests. It gives good medium to high coverage and what's best of all it's perfect as an all round concealer. I haven't found a concealer yet that I can use under my eyes and on my face until now. I love using this on my face and under my eyes. It isn't really drying, though you have to blend it in quickly. I haven't had it for that long but it may be a holy grail concealer for me

#3 - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 - This product is ranted and raved about among the beauty world, and rightly so. It's cheap, amazing coverage and the colour range caters for very pale skin - though, that being said, I do find it drying. It's great for all over the face, and under your eyes but it does dry my skin out. It has good medium to high coverage, though I don't use this often unless I know it won't dry my skin out, and when it wont I under it on my face, and not under my eyes.

#4 - Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 02 - As you may be able to tell, I've hit pan on this already. It'a a lovely product, though it's too dry for my face. It's an amazing under eye concealer, and for that I cannot fault it. I've used this since last summer (maybe time for a chuck out), and it's been great at hiding my under eye circles, and leaving a matte finish. I wouldn't apply this on my face, as 02 has been too dark for me over the winter, and it's too drying.

#5 - Benefit Fake Up in 01 - First thing, this concealer is to hydrating and lovely, but that being said, face concealer? NO. It's great for under my eyes, but on my face, it just glides over the redness and doesn't concealer it at all. Maybe it's because it's so hydrating. It's another concealer that I can only use either on my face, or under my eyes. It's a lovely under eye concealer. It's very hydrating so if you have dry under eyes it's great.

#6 - Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 51 - I really thought I'd like this after how good the Healthy Mix Foundation is, but it's just too drying. The colour range of Healthy Mix is perfect for anyone with a yellow undertone, but for me it's too yellow to apply without having the Healthy Mix foundation on. I under this on my face rather than under my eyes. It's got good coverage, though you have to blend it to make it work. I've only used this once or twice because I just can't get along with it, and would rather use a concealer that does the job without the hassle.

#7 - Benefit Erase Paste - This is a sample size, I haven't gone out and purchased the full size so you can guess how much I like it. It's just too pink for me. I have a pink undertone, but I really don't understand how people can like it. I gave it a fair dry, but it's drying, not concealing. It's too pink to conceal under my eyes, and it makes under my eyes look white, which I don't like attracting attention to when I have bags under my eyes.

#8 - Mac Select Moisture Cover in NC15 - I thought I was going to love this after hearing about it on Pixiwoo, but no. It's hydrating, and the colour is an ok match for me, but it doesn't really cover. You have to really work to conceal with this. I love how hydrating it is, and I can apply it under my eyes, if I use another concealer with it, other than that it's ok, because I can use it on both, though it doesn't really conceal so it's a lot of hard work to make it do it's job.

From left to right - Origins, Nars, Collection 2000, Benefit Fake Up, Bourjois, Benefit Erase Paste, Mac and Benefit Boi-ing (hard to see at the end)

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