Origins - Drink Up Intensive - Overnight Mask - Review

Monday, 8 July 2013

I've been using Origins Overnight Mask for about a year now - and I religiously use it once a week - or on non make up days just going about the house. 

First of all - This is a mask that's 'leave in,' or more precisely 'leave on,' your face 'overnight.' You apply it before you go to bed, leave it on and wake up with amazing, soft and refreshed skin. 

It has a lovely fruity smell to it - but if you don't like fragrances on your face, maybe get a smaller size before hand to test it. When I first bought this, I was a little uneasy about trying it. I have sensitive skin, and Skincare is something that I think about very carefully - as the wrong product can really irritate my skin.

This product hasn't irritated or broken my skin out at all. It leaves my skin lovely and soft when I wake up in the morning. It doesn't do anything my Elizabeth 8 hour cream doesn't do when I look at my skin, but maybe it's doing something I can't see.

It says to dab off any excess, but I always apply it bit by bit rather than squirting a lot out, and just applying it all over my face - it just wastes product. When it comes out, it is a thin white cream - (which smells amazing!) 

Even though I can't see this doing anything to my face, it does keep it soft, and when you apply it the smell is very calming and refreshing to your skin - I personally feel like I'm on holiday.

The product comes in two sizes 100mls, or 30mls. You don't go through the product quickly. I've already gone through a 30ml size and that took me roughly 11 months, with me using it once a week, and on occasion I used it as my night cream (for about 5 weeks). I wouldn't advise using it as a night cream, as this broke me out - which is understandable as it's not advertised to be used nightly. 

It comes in a plastic tube, which has the well known Origins logo on the front - green bottle and white writing - which from an advertisers point of show is to make it seem very natural, clean, pure and clear.

All in all, I will buy this again, though I doubt I need to for a good few months. 

Please see video for a full view on the product. 

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