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Friday, 12 July 2013

Recently my hay fever has been killing me. Normally it just irritates my nose, but this year, my eyes have been killing. They've been really sore, tight and itchy. I do use Optrex Eye Bath, and Optrex Itchy Eye Drops, but they haven't helped how tight the skin is round my eyes, and that's where this amazing product comes in. 

Michael Todd's True Organics Intensive Organic Cream Eye Treatment. I've been applying this all round my eyes, under them, on my eye lid, and especially as the edges (more so the side opposite to the tear ducts.) I do have other eye cream such as FAB Detox Eye Roller, and H2o+ Eye Mender Plus, though they both irritate my eyes with the hay fever. This product doesn't irritate my eyes at all, and it's very soothing. It moisturises all around my eyes, and just gets rid of the tightness.

I've been applying this around 6 times a day - or whenever my eyes feel tight or itchy. It's mainly the corners on my eyes that feel dry and tight. Without moisturising them, they just feel horrid. The eye drops only stop the itchiness, but this product has done the world of good. It's not really available in the UK. I had to buy it online from Ebay for £30, and for 15mls I think it's worth it when most Eye Creams I've seen you get less product.


  1. You can buy Michael Todd off the USA website :) they ship to you... I placed an order last week :) x

    1. I may have to do that! I'm running dangerously low on it now. Do you know how fast their shipping is? Thanks for the heads up btw X


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