Surviving Hay Fever;

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

#1 - Medicine - Basically the first defense to hay fever. There are different forms, and some work for others, that may not work for you. It is recommended to take these a month before you start generally getting hay fever to build up an immunity.  Benadryl is the one I am currently using - It's the best tablet I've found to work - it's just one tablet a day, not bad at all. You cannot take most medicines while pregnant, so when I was pregnant I could only use Prevalin Nasal Spray - It wasn't fun to use at all, and if you didn't take it before you left the house it isn't dignified to do so in public. 

#2 - Eyecare - Optrex is the top thing in this category. I use both the Multi Action Eye Wash - in the morning and at night when I'm not wearing any eye make up, and I use Optrex throughout the day. I use the Soothing Eye Drops for Itchy Eyes, though you can get one for tired eyes as well. I keep the eye drops with me in my bag through the day - but oh, what if my mascara runs? Please proceed to #3 

#3 - Make Up - Waterproof Eyeliner is a must, especially if you get irritated eyes. It comes in very handy if you have to use eye drops and don't wanna get panda eyes. Here's a few high street mascaras I love using during summer. It's also good to use waterproof mascara for the summer and winter times - I mean, if you live in the UK, hello, rain! During the summer, you go swimming, water fights. It's always good to have a waterproof mascara in your collection. 


Eau Thermal Spring Water - This is something that I've been using throughout spring and summer - from my skin care, to make up, hay fever. Hay fever makes you feel 'congested' and all stuffy, so having this lovely refreshing spray is so amazing. It just cools you down - which helps a lot if you feel warm, and cools down any itchiness. 

(Note:- I actually forgot about these items - may be why the background and lighting is different)

So, yeah, tissues! This is a must have, and I don't know why I forgot about it. Runny nose, not attractive! These are just a basic essential for anyone with hay fever. A tip I've come to find very handy is leaving an eye gel in the fridge, and I use this every night, or whenever my eyes feel irritated. This cools under your eyes down and it's a great duo with the eye wash. I use The Body Shops Elderflower Eye Gel -  All is it is an eye gel, nothing else. I got this as a freebie, and I didn't find a use for it until I put it in the fridge and used it as a cold, soothing eye gel.

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