Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hey all.

I've been reading so much into diets and being 'healthy' recently, that I've decided to go on a 'Teadox.' I drink 10+ cups of tea a day, which really isn't good for you at all. It takes a lot of water for me to flush it out my system - I drink more tea than I do water.

I'm going to try do a 7 day 'Teadox' and update everyday on how I am doing. Right now I am enjoy my last cup of tea. I know I am going to struggle with this. When I was pregnant, I was only allowed two cups a day, and I switched to decafe tea - it was horrible but better for Alec (and myself). 

I've tried a few different types of tea, and I have bought samples from 'Teapigs.' You get two tea bag samples of whatever flavor you buy. I have Jasmine tea, Peppermint, Superfruits etc... I know I like Peppermint tea already, but cutting out normal tea for caffeine free teas - well, that'll be the test.

Updates tomorrow!

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