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Friday, 26 July 2013

These are the two underdog products I love the most in my bath time routine. Royal Jelly Bath Foam and Royal Jelly and Pure Honey Sugar Scrub.

As you can tell from how much of the products are left, I love and use them a lot. M&S have a few prodcuts in their Royal Jelly range and I'd love to try them all. So, why do I love them so much? Because of everything! I don't have a bad word to say about these products. They smell like a higher end luxury product, and look like one as well. 

Firstly the scrub - I've tried all the Soap and Glory scrubs, but they're too abrasive on my sensitive skin. I find this product so lovely - It's got more royal jelly and honey in the product - more like 80 - 20 which makes it great at moisturising you skin. It leaves your skin so soft and it feels amazing without leaving lumpy bits in your bath. This is my third pot of it - I first got it as part of a set as a Christmas Present and I've loved it ever since. It leaves your skin smelling like royal jelly which is a smell I adore

Now onto the lovely foam bath - This product is pretty wonderful. It's relaxing and leaves you once again really soft. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and even my OH has started to use it. This is a great product that's under £5. If you have trouble sleeping this is really great to get rid of any stress. It is a great bubble bath as well. You get lovely fluffy bubbles as you would with a £30 bubble bath. Once again you get the smell of royal jelly on your skin but it doesn't irritate at all.

I highly recommend these products to anyone!

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