Apocalips Review;

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hey everyone. Today I am reviewing the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers. These are basically a liquid lipstick - they reminds me of the Sephora lip lacquers. They don't come in a wide range of colours, though they're due to be releasing more.

The packaging is pretty cool. The lid of the packaging has a crystalised shape with jagged edges. The bottom of the package gives you an idea of the colour, which is good for those who dislike having to look at labels to find out which colour is which. Inside it has a foam applicator which allows for good precision application.

The product itself is very pigmented. They don't have a wide colour range, but they cover the basics from a nude, to a everyday pink and a lovely red. The colours above are Luna (The middle swatch) a peach colour which I love wearing and have been using on a daily basis. Celestial, (The bottom swatch) is a deep almost dusky rose pink which is a nice summer everyday colour. Stellar, (The top swatch) is a pink toned red which makes an amazing bright lip.

I find the best way to apply these, is to apply a little to your lips, and use your finger to apply it around your lips, and keep doing so until you get the desired colour. It's very easy to use too much and get it everywhere. I have heard it can bleed, but that's generally because they've applied too much. They are very long lasting and have a good 4hrs to them - but lip colours never last long on my lips. They don't really set, but they don't get everywhere as well. 

These are a real love hate product. I personally love using Luna and can't wait to try the other colours they have coming out.


  1. those are pretty and super pigmented! followed you with bloglovin :)
    mind checking out mine? :)
    I also have a giveaway on at the moment :D hope u like it

    1. They are lovely and are great for their price. Following back. You have a great blog!


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