Benefit - Powda Wowza Blush Palate Review;

Friday, 23 August 2013

Hey everyone. Today I'm bringing you one of my favorite blush palates - Benefit's Powda Wowza. 
I've had this blush in my collection twice (As I've re-purchased it.) Let's start with the basics? Powda Wowza is a blush palate that has  3 of Benefit's most famous colours in it - Bella Bamba, Hoola and Coralista. Bella Bamba is described as a 3D pink brightening powder, Hoola is a bronzing powder and Coralista a 'rio' pleasure face powder. 
The packaging is basically thick cardboard - just like all the Benefit face powders. The colours are really pretty. A classic silver base with a lovely flower design. (I really wish they put in another powder, not adding a brush). 
I always take this palate around with me when I travel. I use Hoola for contouring, and Coralista as a blush. Hoola is the colour on the left to the brush, Bella Bamba is the bottom left corner and Coralista is the bottom right (Look at image above). 

(Top to bottom) Coralista, Bella Bamba, Hoola

As you can tell Bella Bamba is more of a darker pinky watermelon, and Coralista is a peachy pink colour. If you're someone who wants a few options with their blushes when they go away, and contour often, this is a great palate for you. The colour pay off is great. They all tend to last all day on me - I generally put make up on at 7am (ish) and take it off around 10pm (ish). 

This is my favorite blush palate next to the Sleek blusher trios. The Sleek ones give more variety in colour, but this one has a lovely bronzing colour. 

I'd recommend this to anyone. It's a lovely palate and I use this all the time, whilst at home or away.

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