Bourjois - Colour Boost - Peach On The Beach Review

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hey! I'm a little late with hopping on the 'Colour Boost' bandwagon. I was a little put off, as I'm not keen on the Revlon or Clinique lip crayons. This, is different. 
The packaging is just like any other lip crayon - Looks like a cubby version on a normal crayon with a lip. You turn the bottom bit to screw the product out. The packaging is plastic, with the tube the same shade as the product which I love - it makes it easy to find the colour you want in a sea of lip products.
It has SPF 15 - and '10 hours' of staying powder.  I'm not gonna lie. I like the SPF in it, as I always worry about burning my lips - It isn't nice! The colour is lovely for summer and winter. As the nice 'Peach on the Beach' suggests, it's a peachy pink (how cute is the name?). It wouldn't suit everyone, but it's a wearable shade for many of us.

The lasting powder, I have to say isn't there as much as the Revlon. It's more of a lipstick to me than a stain - making it not last more than a few hours if that. The formulation is the only thing that bothers me. When applied, it does have a buildup of product as you would get with applying lipstick on dry lips. 
I've exfoliated and moisturize my lips before using this and I still get the build up. The colour pay off is pigmented, which is lovely, and it leaves you with a not too glossy colour. It's the perfect matte and glossy combo'. 
The application is quick and easy as any other lip crayon is. There isn't any colour, or flavour to the product. Another thing I adore. I wish that it didn't clump when I apply it, and the lasting power was there (not 10 hours as they say).

Overall I wouldn't buy this again. I don't reach for it a lot, but it is a lovely colour and great for summer and spring time.

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