DIY Tinted Moisturiser;

Friday, 30 August 2013

What you'll need:-

-Your favourite moisturiser
-Your favourite foundation
-A cosmetic pot to mix/keep it in

You could mix powder with your moisturiser instead.

Please choose your products carefully - If you want an SPF, pick a moisturizer or foundation with SPF in. When picking a moisturizer, think how long it takes to sink into your skin. Richer moisturizers will take longer, and add more of a shine to your face. When picking the foundation - pick one with a higher coverage so you can adjust the coverage accordingly later on - you can have it more sheer, or fuller depending on how much you add.

Step 1:- Put your moisturiser into the cosmetic pot. If your moisturiser is too thick it may not work or give as much coverage as you'd like. If you want more coverage, use less moisturiser. I recommend using oil free as it will give less shine, and sink into the skin quicker.

Step 2:- Add your foundation - liquid or powder. If you use a higher coverage foundation, you'll get better coverage. I'm using NARS Sheer Glow as it's got higher coverage.

Step 3:- Mix together by shaking or using a cotton wool bud and finished! You have your own DIY tinted moisturiser (You can always adjust the levels of foundation or moisturiser to get the perfect mix).

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