Forever Ink - Ink Shield - Tattoo Aftercare Review;

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hey everyone. Today's review has come requested by my other half - 'You should do a review of the Forever Ink Shield.' So, here I am.

Ink Shield by Forever Ink is a everyday care and colour protection moisturiser with SPF45. My oh uses this daily on his tattoo's, and cannot get enough of it. You can buy it from Boots for £12.99 (50g). The directions are to use it twice a day. If you're in the skin throughout the day, it's recommended that you apply it more often - especially after swimming. This is for tattooed skin only, and not meant to be a replacement of a general sun protection product.

 It comes in a white and grey toned blue stripes - it does seem to be more male, though I don't mind using it on my tattoo so it does lean to unisex. The cream itself is thick, that once it's rubbed into the skin it dries and you cannot tell it is even there. The skin feels soft, with no stickiness at all. It does have a 'sun tan lotion' smell to it, but unless you actually smell your skin it isn't detectable.

Since my oh had to get his tattoo redone, he has been using this and there hasn't been any fading. I highly recommend this for anyone who is going on holiday and want to protect their tattoo's from the sun. I think this is rather pricy for colour protection - though if you have a £300 tattoo, you may want to pay a little bit to stop fading so you don't have to get it touched up. If you have fresh tattoo's, using this, and the Forever Ink Balm (which is an aftercare balm) may be a great combo - as you're not meant to have new tattoo's in direct sunlight, having an SPF45 is always handy.

So far, my oh has said he will be buying this again as he's already spent money on retouching. For some it's a small price to pay.

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