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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Neal's Yeard - Power Berry Daily Moisture - £12 (50ml) or £23 (100ml)

Hey everyone! Today's post is on a product that has taken me a while to get my OH (other half) to use for some time. It isn't easy getting men into grooming - for many guys, they don't see if as a essential step for them. My OH dislikes shaving, so getting him to use this moisturiser is a big thumbs up!

Anywho, I'm ranting, onward with the review!

So, this product is called Power Berry Daily Moisture by Neal's Yard. They say it's an antioxidant-rich acai bilberry and Goji Berry helps fight the effects of free radicals for brighter, dewy looking skin. Snazzy, right?

The packaging of this is a plastic tube, with a screw able lid. The colours of the packaging is are very unisex, and I'm sure many men won't be discouraged from using it due to packaging. 

The product itself is a thin, white, and is easily blendable into your skin.It takes seconds to blend into your skin.

t also smells like soft mints! Which, isn't a girly scent to score two on the male loving tally! It doesn't leave your skin looking really shiny. 

My OH has normal skin, and this works perfectly fine on him. It doesn't stop shine though, so for any oily skin types, you may want to pick up an anti-shine moisturiser - it doesn't have any mineral oils in it.

He uses it mainly in the mornings, and I am trying to get him to use a night cream as well (we can hope, right?)

The only downside to this product - no SPF. Some would see that as a plus, because if you were to be having pictures taken, I'm sure your brothers, other half, dad, whome ever is wearing the moisturiser wouldn't want a flash back picture. It is a certified organic product - if you care for things like that.

I think all in all, this is a great first moisturiser to get the male population into. My next step is an SPF one - but let's keep to baby steps.

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