Weekly Loving;

Friday, 9 August 2013

1:- Moroccan Oil (Light) - I've been loving use this on my damp hair. It leaves my hair so silky soft and just feeling amazing. No frizz, and just easy to manage when I do style it.

2:- ELF Rosy Raisin Studio Lip Stick - I haven't used this lipstick for a while and I don't know why! It's a gorgeous 'my lips but better' colour, which is the typical colour I go for as I'm more of a natural make up kinda gurl. It's just amazing, not too matte, not too glossy, just perfect.

3:- Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara - This leaves your lashes so long, and dark they just look amazing! I really wish they had a waterproof version as that's my prefered mascara type, but this has been worn everyday this week and it's been lovely.

4:- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10 - This has been my go to face base this week. Again, another product that's been in my make up draw untouched for a while, but since wearing it 8 days ago, it's been my go to product. I did have two of these products and I remember why now. It leaves the most perfect skin. It doesn't give a lot of coverage but it does blur flaws and makes your skin look so much better without being heavy, drying or sliding off in the heat.

(Top, Rosy Raisin lipstick - Bottom, Chanel Vitalumiere B10)


  1. I use Vitalumiere Aqua and Moroccon Oil light too! They're such amazing products! Just bought my second bottle of the foundation since my first is about to run out. Just wish it wasn't so expensive! ;)


    1. Same here! I have two bottles sitting in my draw 'just incase.' It is a shame with the price, but it could be worse. At least it's in the Laura Mercier, Mac and NARS face base price range.x


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