Aleckai Is 9 Months Old Today;

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hey Lovelies! So today my little cutie is 9 months old. I cannot believe time has gone so fast. Two minutes ago he was a little baby in my arms, unable to hold his own head up and now he is so big! Here's an update of what's been going on.

So, what's been happening this month? Alec got his first tooth - he wasn't REALLY bad at teething, a few nights of choppy sleep, but he did always manage to go to sleep in the end - watching Squiglet helped.

He's rolling around and crawing - crawling is a new thing he's been doing for a week, but he's been rolling for the last two months. He's getting quicker though! He can stand (if he holds onto the sofa) for a few seconds which is great considering he's only just crawing.

He is on three bottles, and three meals a day - though if we're eating he NEEDS to have some like it's life or death to him. 

Every time he has a bath he brings a bath toy into the living room with him whilst he gets dry - We now have a shark, frog, starfish and penguin in here. He isn't attached to one toy really.

He's wearing some 6-9 and 9-12 clothes and growing very quickly!

He still have some eczema, he had a bad break out this month which lead to hospital. Honestly, we've never seen anything that bad! 

He's sleeping in his cot, but moves in the night if his dummy comes out or he kicks his covers off.

He loves carrots and anything cheesy - he doesn't like being fed and prefers to feed himself. 

We don't know when the Cleft repair will be - we've been told it'll be before he's a year old but who knows!

He's still on soft bottles and brings food throughout his nose when he sneezes - he has a cold recently with teething and he just sneezed everything out every meal time.

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