Autumn Skincare Must Haves;

Friday, 27 September 2013

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm £34 (100ml) -  During the winter, our skin types can change and may become drier, which is why it's good to switch to an oil based cleanser to stop your skin from drying out. I found this to be too heavy on my skin during summer, but I knew as soon as the colder months came rolling round this would be used all the time. It does have a strong scent, so you may not like it. You could also try a cleansing gel or cream - I stay away from Bioderma as it's too drying. Dry skin is lack of oil, so an oil based cleanser is best. 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment £15 -  This is my all time favourite hand cream. I love the gel consistency as it isn't as thick as the L'Occitane alternative. It sinks into your skin really quickly, and it just as great as the entire Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour range. My sister and Mother both have Eczema on their hands, and I'm worried about getting it so I use this roughly 8 times a day and so far my hands have stayed so soft and free of dry skin - Definitely a autumn/winter staple.  

Clinique All About Eyes Serum £20 (15ml) -  If you're a student, mother or worker we all lose sleep. I work 7am-11pm some nights, and with a 9 month old my eyes need all the help they can get. I love this serum, and using this with my Clinique Supermoisture Eye Gel and Michael Todd Eye Cream my eyes have so far been saved puffy, baggy and dark circles. I use this serum day and night, though you can use it whenever needed (it's also great for hay fever or allergies). I've tried Origins No Puffery and I think this is 100 times better.

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