Urban Decay - Beauty Balm - First Impression;

Monday, 9 September 2013

Product before blending
Product after blending

Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm - £23 (currently £20 at Debenhams) 

Hey everyone. Today is another step in the battle for me to find a product to get rid of my pores. I headed to Debenhams yesterday, mainly to buy the new YSL Youth Liberation Foundation, and I popped to the Urban Decay looking at their new Naked Powder. I started talking to the MA at the counter, and she suggested I try the Naked Beauty Balm. I had heard about it, but I never really read into it. She tried it on me, and I was delightfully surprised.   

It didn't make my pores invisible, but there is a noticeable difference in my skin as a whole. Hearing the words, 'Universal Tint' is normally something that puts me off straight away, as I have pale skin and the colour of the product looked too tanned for my skin - but I went for it anyway, after all, I was using this under my foundation. 

I wore it throughout yesterday, and I'm wearing it today and I have to say I love it. It really helps my skin look softer and reduces pores, not 100%, but I feel so much more comfortable. You can wear this alone, as it's a beauty balm, but for me I'd have to have a GOOD skin day, as it's pretty sheer (I did blend it really well to not pick up the colour). I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply this, and I find it works perfect. For £23 (currently on sale at £20) it isn't cheap for just a primer, but until I find something better, I am happy to use this. It also claims if you use it over 8 weeks 93% got firmer, and more lifted skin. 90% got better overall skin. 84% had improvements in fine lines and 84% was more hydrated, I like those odds tbh, but everyones skin is different. 

I'll update you after the 8 weeks is up to let you know how I've found the product!

Casey x

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