Garnier Moisture Match Review - Goodbye Dry;

Monday, 28 October 2013

I've been using this product for so long now (since it launched), and I cannot believe I haven't written a review about it yet. Firstly, the download - the Garnier Moisture Match range has different products in it, that's aimed at certain skin types. For £5.99 Each they're a bargain!

 You can pick from 'Shine Be Gone,' Wake Me Up,' 'Protect and Glow,' 'Start A Fresh' and Goodbye Dry. Each one deals with a certain skin problem, and goes from oily - very dry skin. Each one also has a different consistency like 'gel, sorbet, cream etc... Each packaging has a different colour. The one I've gone for is Dry-Very Dry skin, which is Goodbye Dry - It's the baby pink  packaging which I adore. Even though I don't get dry skin on my face anyone, I think it is due to using this, as it gives me more moisture than I actually need (rather too much than too little)  

You get 50mls of product in each tube, which is probably why I've been through 2 tubes already. This is the only High Street skincare product I religiously use, and I mean I use this as my morning moisturiser every day. It's suitable for sensitive skin, which is great for me as my skin is very picky, and it's perfect under any foundation that I own (I've tested it against every foundation I own). It comes out as a thicker cream, with a very light pinkie tinge. 

 It skins into the skin amazingly fast, and I apply my foundation a minute later. It has a very floral scent, but it hasn't irritated me, as I previously stated, but if you don't like scents, this will not be for you. The only downside is that this wouldn't be a good multi-sex product as baby pink packaging isn't a colour that would appeal to many men. I haven't tried the other ones, but I'm loving the look of the 'Wake me up,' and Protect and Glow' as it has SPF20. 

I really do love this product. I will continue to buy it, and use it. I haven't found any other moisturiser to match up to it, and not irritate my skin. It's readily available in Boots, and major shops, so you can easily pick one up. I have a few back ups, as it does go down quicker than any other product I own. Maybe it's because I use it so often, maybe.... 

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