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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hey all! Guess what today is? LOL. Halloween! On of my favourite Holidays. Before becoming a mother, it was going out with friends, drinking and dressing up a little more 'Halloween Grown Up.' Here's a few little ideas for y'all for all ages.

This is a simple look created with eye shadow and lip products. Use plum, dark blue and green coloured eye shadow to create a bruised/zombie effect, plum colours to add redness, and dark vampy red to create the blood effect. This is great for older, as well as younger kids. As I've used make up, there's no worry of anything toxic being near your mouth. 


Next is for the little ones, styled by my lovely little Alec. Here's a pumpkin number that looks so cute on kiddies. He was wearing his monster Pj's underneath, but swap the top and trousers for some orange ones and they're good to go! Isn't he cute?

Next my favorite one - Sugar Skull. My oh has a few Sugar Skull tattoos, so I've got lots of inspiration from him. This is another one for all ages, though I've already seen a lot of older people sporting the skull look this year, and they all look great! You can make this look with face paint, or with make up, and just go crazy! (Created on the same day as my icon before didn't yano.)

Last but no means least is a single eye look. This is targeted more to younger kids, but suitable for older girls as well. Such a cute idea, but sticking with the witchy black cat Halloween theme. I used eye liner and eye shadow to create this look, and eye shadow glue for the string. That can be a bit tricky, so try drawing it on if all else fails. 

Hope you all have a safe, and happy Halloween!

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