Life Update;

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hey everyone. I thought I'd do a 'life update' as I haven't been posting a lot recently Alec had his Op' on Thursday at the Evelina in London. It's been a LONG time coming. 

We had the pre-op on Wednesday, and stayed overnight in an apartment. We were on 'Beach' ward at 7am, ready for him to go down (which he didn't do till 11am), and we got to him back at 3pm. It's going to be 4-6 weeks before he fully recovers, but he's doing well. He isn't bottle feeding, and only taking 4m+ puree food atm, but he cannot have mashed food till 2 weeks after his op'.

Anyway, that's a very short explanation as to why I've been away. We stayed in London before his op' visiting my parents, and didn't have any time to post, but I'll be back to normal soon. 

Hope you're all well. 

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