Origins - No Puffery Review;

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hey Lovelies;

Pictures above is the cult favourite 'Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask for Puffy Eyes.' When I first bought this product, I was a little unsure of my liking towards it, and that's still the case. 

It comes in a plastic clear tube, and you get the choice to either have a rollerball end, or one in which you just squeeze the product out (I didn't go for the rollerball). It has 30mls of product, and comes in at £20 - £23. The main function of this product is an eye mask, if which you apply a generous amount under your eye, leave it for 5-10 minutes and 'tissue' it off leaving you with no trace of puffy eyes - you can also apply a smaller amount and leave it on, followed by your normal eye cream.

Heres my bug...It's tacky/sticky. No matter how much I 'tissue' it off, it's tacky, and that bugs me. Even though I apply my eye cream and a moisturiser, and in the end it's fine, just when I apply it, I know it'll be tacky, and that puts me off it. I've had it for a good months, and I've only used a few times. I shouldn't be put off so much by it, but I am. It does a great job of getting rid of puffy eyes. I am a Mother, and I work 7am to 11pm most days - even if I don't work those hours I'm awake at 6.30 to god knows what time with Alec, so it does take a strain on your eyes. This could also be used for anyone with Hayfever, any long nights doing school work or hangovers. 

I do love this product for its abilities to get rid of puffiness, for that it cannot be faulted. I know that some people were put off by the tackiness, but I guess if it's ok at the end, who minds a bit of tack? (me :S). I would buy this product again. I don't need to use it ALL the time. My Michael Todd Intensive Eye Cream does a good job of keeping circles and puffiness at bay, though this gives it a kick in the ass when needed, and it's perfect for hay fever as I used it most throughout the hay fever months. It's also good if you've had a bit of a cry and need to cool your eyes down.

This product can be targeted at a rang of different people, though I think that everyone needs to have a product like this in their draws - after all, we all have late nights, a bit of a cry or may just suffer from puffy eyes. I know that it has been a life saver for me yesterday when I woke up with the most horrid puffy eyes, and 10 minutes later, all gone! If I suffered more from puffiness I would use it a lot more. When all is said and done, and after I finish my skincare, I know that it really does do a great job! If you want a more cooling experience, go for the rollerball - it's the same price!.

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