Ren - EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream;

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Whilst I was in the long search for a day cream, that hydrated my skin, and didn't irritate it, I came across Ren's Ever Calm Day Cream. It's part of the Ren range that is suitable for sensitive skin, and this appealed to me greatly. I'm someone who thinks that you need to pay more, to get great skincare (with the odd high street gem ofc). 

Before I found the Garnier Moisture Match, Ren's Evercalm cream was a product that I tried, tested, and wasn't overly keen about, but don't get your hopes up yet. Let me tell you more. Evercalm is perfect for sensitive skin.It doesn't irritate or cause redness, if that's what you're looking for, you're on the right track. Now, my skin isn't dry, but if I don't look after it, it becomes dry. This cream, is hydrating, but not as much hydration as my skin needs whilst wearing make up. If I'm having a non make up day, I go for this, or Origins Ginzing and either are good just as a moisturiser for no make up days.

It does have a floral scent, and that can be off putting to people - mainly for worry of breakout. If you have more oily sensitive, or normal sensitive skin, this would be perfect for you. I've been having a lot more no make up days in the bid to look after my skin more, and this has been using a lot more often. I wouldn't buy the bigger size. At £27, I don't think it's worth it as I don't use it daily, if I did, maybe. You only get 50ml, and with me using it Garnier everyday and it going down so quickly, I'm kinda glad I don't like using it daily at £27 a pop! This is meant to help your skin in the fight towards smoke, and pollution. Not living in London anymore, I don't worry as much about it, but the days I am there, I normally just cleanse really well, and use a good mask. It's meant to 'train skin to be less sensitive' I have no idea how that works, but some claims are bogus, and this is one I find to be. It hasn't helped my sensitivity or reduced redness at all. 

All in all, this is an good cream. They've only got one day cream for sensitive skin, but the trouble being you can have normal, oily, dry or very dry sensitive skin, and this doesn't help those of us with more dry skin. I think Ren need to bring out a sensitive day cream for certain skin types, and that's be great! But, that's wishful thinking. 

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