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Friday, 4 October 2013

Avon Room and Linen Sprays - Click to Enlarge - £1.50 - £4 (depending on where you buy them)

Hey lovlies;

Today I am bringing you two scents that I adore, and I've been using, and will continue to use throughout A/W. Avon's Room and Linen sprays are abosutely amazing. I've got all the scents that they offer, from Lavander, Strawberry and White chocolate to Cranberry and Cinnamon. Recently, I've been using two in particular. The scents Cranberry and Cinnamon and Back Cherry and Nutmeg are perfect for the A/W seasons. They're from £1.50 - £4 (though they normally have deals like 3 for £5).

So, why are they so great? 

1:- They can be sprayed on curtains, around the room, as a body spray - anything! You can just immerse your home, and yourself in the scents. 

2:- They last a damn long time, usage wise, and how long the scent lasts for.

3:- They're a great alternative to candles, and cost less money as well. 

4:- Being sprays, not aerosols they're better for you, and you can spray them around the room and still breathe without need of opening up a window after.

5:- They're pretty damn cheap, and come in a range of smells.

Well, what's not to love about them. I love these, and they have a scent for every month/season. You get 125ml of product so you get a fair amount. I tend to spray these over the curtains, and bed just to refresh the room and make it smell amazing.

You can buy these from Avon Online, Ebay, Amazon or from an Avon catalog - if you get offered a book get it! You won't be disappointed. 

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