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Monday, 21 October 2013

Hey Lovelies;

These are my recent 'Travel Essentials.' I did try to minimus my items a lot, as these were the items I took for the stay with Alecs Operation. Here they are. They are all travel size, and just the perfect thing for a few nights away.

1:- Tangle Teezer - I only bought this Tangle Teezer recently, and where have you been all my life? Really, it makes it so easy to brush my hair now. I'm just in love with this. I really want to get the Shaun the Sheep one. It's so adorable. This is the compact version, which is perfect to travel with.

2:- CND Solar Oil - You may think that I didn't have time to do my nails, but this is what I do when I'm worried/nervous. I tend to my nails, as a pose to biting them. This is the best oil I've used. It smells like Marzipan (or almonds), and makes you wanna eat it! 

3:- Indeed Labs Hydraluron - I've only recently got my hands on this, but so far so good. It's meant to make your moisturiser work a lot better. I haven't noticed it working better than my Caudalie SOS Serum, or Origins Mega Mushroom Serum, but it's early days.

4:- Ren Vital Mineral Active 7 Eye Cream - This is again, another product I recently got. I got this as a freebie in a Magazine, and my Michael Todd Eye Cream is a bit too mahoosive, so I took this and for the 3 nights I used  it, it wasn't bad at all.

5:- Monu Illuminating Primer - Glossybox item - another one that I had never tried. I did pick a lot of new items, in the hope that they worked didn't I? I picked this because it has SPF 15 in, and with my Silk Creme Foundation not having any, this was an essential for me. It worked really well, and I'm going to London again tomorrow, and this, along with everything else mentioned in this post in coming with me. 

6:- OPI Nail Envy - It has to be LOVE. I don't think this makes my nails grow faster, but they are stronger. I used this after a week, and bit my nail (just to see if they were any stronger), and they are. They do feel a lot stronger when you touch them as well. Seeing as I'm growing my nails, the last thing you want is for them to be brittle and break!


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