Becca - Beach Tint - Review/Swatches;

Friday, 8 November 2013

(From left to right; Papaya, Lychee and Grapefruit)

Hey Lovelies;

Today is a happy day, because I'm rather excited about reviewing the Becca Beach Tints. These are a water-resistant colour for cheeks and lips.

I got really excited about getting my hands on them. I am hands down rubbish at applying tints - like Benetint, but these are really easy to apply, which makes me love them even more. I have three colours

Grapefruit - My favourite of all three. It's a dusky rose colour. It looks so lovely and natural on your cheeks, and lips.

Papaya - I was a little disappointed by this. I thought it was going to be a lovely bright red to create a bitten cheek look for winter. It was more of a blood/orange red, which didn't look right on my lips at all, on my cheeks though, that's a little more forgiving. 

Lychee - This colour is a bright vibrant pink. This is more of a summer colour, but it's really beautiful on the cheeks and lips.

The formulation of these are great. It isn't too watery, or too thick. It applies evenly over your cheeks and leaves a sheer colour on your cheeks. It's really bendable so if you do go overboard don't worry! Lychee is a bit watery compared to the other two (maybe I just got an iffy one). 

You get 7mls in each which is plenty to last you for ages - though at £20 each I should think so. It comes in a squeeze tube which is really hygienic and easy to get the right amount of product out so no waste.   

They finish amazingly well on your cheeks, and looks so natural and last basically all day. When applied on your lips, it gives a wash of colour with a matte finish which I'm not too keen on. I cannot recommend this enough for a cheek tint, but for lips it's too drying after awhile.

You can buy these at SpaceNK I personally love them. I'm not too happy about the price tag though. 

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