Bobbi Brown Corrector Review;

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hello Lovelies;

I hope you're all doing well. T'is the season to get a cold and all that. So, what do you have for me today? I hear you ask. 

Well, It's a lovely little product, that's both loved and hated in the beauty blogging world...The Bobbi Brown Corrector. Now, I know bloggers that love, and hate this, so I was a bit unsure about buying it, but here's my honest thoughts on the product. 

I have the shade light to medium bisque, which I was matched with at the counter. I honestly thought I'd be more porcelain bisque but hay ho. This product isn't meant to be a perfect match, as you're meant to use concealer over it. Paying £16 on a product that you use under concealer didn't appeal to me, which is why I put it off for so long. 

The shade Light to Medium Bisque is more of a salmon, peachy pink tone which is good at concealing out dark circles - but yellow is meant to be for more pale tones with dark circles...There are different views on it. 

Now down to the product. You get 1.4g's, which isn't really a lot. The product is really compact which I love as I keep my make up in my make up bag. The product itself is pretty thick. You do need to warm it up with your fingers before applying it. Now, it doesn't conceal 100%, but tbh I have dark circles. It's genetic, lack of sleep and stress...Just generally being a mother! 

It is a great product if you're wanting something to help banish dark circles. I have always felt my dark circles are worse than anyone else, and I'm sure some girls feel the same. I'd suggest going to a bobbi brown counter and trying the product out for yourself. It hasn't creased on me, and has done a good job of helping me feel confident about my dark circles. 

I'm not 100% if I'd actually buy it again. It isn't an extra step I take every time I use my make up, but for sleepless nights, it's a godsend to have a bit extra coverage, so I know this is going to last a long time, but thanks to my Michael Todd Cream, I don't need to wear this all the time though, and sometimes I'm happy without concealer if I am just popping to the shop. Hopefully I won't need to wear either at all in a month or so!

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