Christmas Spending Ban;

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hey Lovelies;

Today I decided, whilst looking at my make up, hair, nail and skin products that I didn't need anymore. Tbh, I normally stick to the same skincare, give or take a few things. My hair, I just use the same shampoo, and other products. Basically, I don't need another eye shadow, blusher or foundation because I'll never use up the products I actually have.

I went to House of Fraser today, to buy another Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - my Dew Me one is running low...So that's topped up. I've ordered the Redken Curvaceous Wind Up Spray to use in my hair, to rest it out and hopefully it'll be great for my curly hair. I know it isn't meant to be as good as Fresh Curls, but I can hope. There is one product I really wanna get. The Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream looks like such an amazing eye cream, and not as hard to get a hold of as my Michael Todd love. 

So, yeah. With Christmas coming a long as well...A spending ban isn't the worst of ideas. I'm going to be doing some more 'Make up of the days posts' and such as well. I have far too many products I really need to use up before I buy anyone. It's hard for a confessed beauty addict to give up..Even more so when you read others posts and want the products they're talking about.

Hopefully I will use a few more products up this way and be able to do empty posts! I challenge you, yes you, to do a Christmas Spending Ban. Will you last? I'm sure you, as well as myself will get beauty gifts so why not save your pennies, and be even more happy about getting Christmas gifts....I may just have to buy the relief cream, and that's it...I promise! 

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