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Monday, 4 November 2013

Hey everyone. Today I am bringing you a product that has been lazing in my draw for a good few months, not because I don't love it you understand, but because I only use it when my skin needs it. 

 Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate is a gorgeous oil that helps fight the dry skin, as well as plumping and smoothing your skin - leaving it feeling soft, and looking gorgeous. It says it's for all skin types, helping to balance oily skin, and smooth dry skin. Well, no complaints about the dry skin comment. You can buy a 28ml bottle for £40 - a 10ml roller ball for £20 and 2ml sample for £6

Now, I don't use this every night. You can, but I don't. This is just for those days when my skin needs an extra something to give it a kick. I don't wait until my skin is dry to use certain products, but I do listen to it. If I'm feeling stressed, I know it drys out my skin, so I use something a little targeted to give it a boost, and this is just the ticket. 

With 100% natural plant oils, I'm loving it even more. It smells so fresh and relaxing, helping you drift off asleep. You're meant to use this after cleaning and toning, and before moisturising. I have it in the roller ball form, which is just a lot better for me, and easier to control the amount of product I actually use. 

For all those who do not know - Dehydrated skin is lack of water, and dry skin is lack of oil - which is why you can have oily skin and it still be dehydrated. This being an oil, is super good for dry skin types. I don't use a lot of it so my face isn't an oily ball, but just enough to evenly spread it, so all my face is getting the goodness. Wearing a moisturising on top of this just helps everything a lot more. The oil is the first line of attack, and it being massaged into your skin, means it will not just wipe off your face when you moisture it. I

With Winter well and truly here, I'm breaking this bad boy out, and using it a few times a night just to give my skin some much needed oil. It's only recently I've been using it with a moisturiser, as in the past I thought it may be too much, but now I can see how amazing it is for your skin to use both.

Have you tried Liz Earle SuperSkin Concentrate? What're your thoughts on it?

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