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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hey lovelies;

Today I am bringing you a 'what's in my handbag make up bag,' post (of sorts) I always love seeing what's in peoples make up bag (that post will be up soon), and what they love to carry around on themselves. So, what do I carry around with me?

Make up/Skincare;

Philosykos by Diptyque (Solid Perfume) is the perfect Autumn scent. It's the most beautiful fig scent - like a Greek summer. This has to be my favourite higher end scent. I decided to go with the solid perfume, over the normal liquid one to keep in my bag, as I don't have to worry about spills. It is heavy, due to the metal casing, but I love it. When I first saw it, I was uneasy if I should buy it, in case it didn't give off the scent as much as the normal perfume would, but it's surprisingly strong for solid perfume. How could I expect anything else from Diptyque? 

Origins No Puffery Roll-On (Mini Size) - I keep this in my bag just in case my eyes need a bit of cooling. My eyes have been really bad due to the cold weather, and this is just perfect to roll over and just relax them. It works so quickly, and I cannot do without it. I use this a lot during Spring/Summer, as it helped me so much when I had Hayfever, and whenever I've got puffy eyes.

Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer - NC15. It's always a toss up between this, and the Origins Plantscription Concealer. I always keep this in my bag for touch ups. I use the Origins one mainly for under my eyes, and carry it on days I feel a bit more tired, where the Mac one is really moisturising, so I use it for days I need coverage not under under my eyes but maybe on my face as well. It blends in amazingly and is just perfect for natural coverage. 

Jack Blacks Lip Balm is a must for the colder days. It's so amazing and moisturising. I bought mine early this year, and it's still going strong. It was my go-to balm during Spring/Summer. With SPF25 it literally saves your lips. You get so many lovely scents as well, along with an original one. I have grapefruit and ginger and I just adore it. It's around £7 so the same amount as a Korres lip butter. Not too shabby!

 I currently have the Korres Liquid Lipstick Raspberry (Shade 25 - Natural) in my bag. It's such a gorgeous natural colour. It isn't sticky, and so pigmented. I prefer this over the Apocalips. It's a lovely dark pink (well raspberry) colour, and I'm loving it at the moment. I normally keep this, Clarins Instant Lip Perfector or the lip product I'm wearing on the day in my bag. This one has stayed in my bag for awhile though (I love it that much). 

Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - I always keep this is in bag for train trips, and other times I have a moment to look after them. This is the best budget nail treatment I've tried. It smells amazing and isn't greasy on your nails once you've used it. I've been using this for years and it's seriously amazing

L'Occtaine Mango Flower Hand Cream - My favourite hand cream to use. I always keep hand cream on me. My mum and Sister have eczema on their hands, and I'm really worried that I'll get it badly so I always use this throughout the day. 

Other Shizzz;

Boots Ibuprofen and Codeine Tablets - These are 'just in case' I, or someone else gets a pain. I never take pain medication unless it's really bad, so I have a higher strength kind. 

Covonia Dual Action Throat Spray - Being a mother, I generally keep things like this in my bag. I've had a little cough recently, so I always have this 'just in case.' I've used this a lot and it's really the best thing for a sore throat - if you can get over spraying it in your mouth.

Carex hand and surface spray - I always keep some hand bac' or  this in my bag. I use this because it's a hand and surface spray, so it's perfect for Alec as well. I switch my 'hand bag make up bag' between bags so this is in there if I have Alec's changing bag or not. 

Kleenex Tissues - self explanatory - I've had a few sniffles, and I need tissues.  

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