October Favourites;

Friday, 1 November 2013

Hey everyone! I personally can't believe it's the end of October. I don't mind as it's my Birthday next month. As always, here's a round up of the products I've been loving and using throughout October. As I've been traveling to London and back all this month, I've been using a lot of the same things, and many are travel sized.

The first thing that I've been loving is an eye shadow. When I first saw this, I was a little bit iffy about it. I have big eyes, so I don't like to overdo my eye make up, as it makes me look like a clown - I stick to natural eyeshadows, and sometimes eyeliner. The Shiseido Hydro Powder Eyeshadow in Spring Plum (H4) is just darling. It's a lovely dark plum with a green and blue monochrome, and I just adore it! It's the perfect Autumn colour, with all the leaves changing, and it doesn't look overdone at all. It doesn't crease, and lasts all day. I really love this colour, and I can't get enough of it! Can you tell I'm happy to finally find a plum eye shadow I can wear? It's cream to powder formulation which is my favourite kind. I picked mine up from Tkmaxx awhile ago, you can find a few on EBay, but I can't find Spring Plum anywhere now. It did come out of 2011, so you can see why!

The next thing I've been loving is the 'It's a Ten Miracle Leave in Product.' This is my go-to after washed hair product. I used to use the Dover Hair Therapy Care Oil, but since buying this I haven't looked back. I do wish I could use it on dry hair, but it doesn't do anything! All you do is towel dry you hair a bit, spritz this in, comb through and let it do it's magic..and it is magic. For around £15, it isn't cheap by any means, but I will repurchase this when the time comes, as I cannot see my life without it. It leaves your hair so soft and frizz free, and with the winter winds well and truly here, I can see my hair needing the extra bit of help to tame it. If you have the money, or want it as a treat/present, I highly recommend buying this as it's a lifesaver. I think It's going to be on a Christmas list for a family member of mine because I know she'll love it!

OPI Nail Envy - Oomgee (Not a word I use, ever, apart from this once). I love this stuff, especially since I've been growing my nails, it's great for keeping your nails lovely and strong. I haven't used it for a week and I really notice a difference. Since I've stopped using it, the tips of my nails bend, and they haven't done that since I started using it (until I stopped). I'm going to keep this on all the time now. I used it on my Mother, Nan and Sister. My Nan came over a week later and said she had noticed a difference, that's a plus! This is another thing I am going to get as a small gift for them all, as I know they all loved it! Currently £9 for a 15ml bottle on Amazon (reduced from £18)

Last but no means least is the Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation - This is my all time favourite foundation to use. It gives amazing coverage, doesn't look like 'cake', doesn't dry my skin out and lasts all day! I have Cream Ivory, though I may have to change to Rose Ivory soon. I won't say anymore about it, but check out my review here. 

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