The Beauty Menu #3

Monday, 18 November 2013

Hey Lovelies;

So it's the fourth edition into 'The Beauty Menu' Geeze. Where's time gone? So, if you aren't familiar with the beauty menu, it's a lovely list of products I've been loving throughout the week. Let's crack on...

The first item on the menu is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I've not been using powders since the winter kicked in. It's too much for my dry skin, and even though there are powders that don't cling to dry patches, I know that it doesn't help my skin, so I've opted for a setting spray to help my make up last longer in the chilly weather. I've only recently bought the All Nighter spray, as I was using Dew Me before, though I think it's been replaced with Chill Me (Don't quote me on that). I've only bought the £9, 30ml one from House of Fraser but I've been loving it so much. It does add a bit of dewiness and my skin doesn't feel as irritated as it did when I sometimes used a powder. I've a setting spray convert and never leave the house without using this. I have to say for £9 as well you cannot go wrong. 

Next up is the Laura Mercier Body Souffle in Vanilla. This smells so gorgeous, and is just the perfect moisturiser for this time of the month. Birchbox did really well this month and I adore their box and even more so for letting me try this. I wouldn't splash out on the full size without trying this, and now I can say that I love it. The smells lasts for so long, and it's actually nice to moisturise when using this, which is hard to say in the colder months.  This keeps your skin hydrated, and just is a pleasure to use. I may have to ask Santa for this at Christmas, because as much as I love it, it isn't a product that I cannot live without, but getting it as a gift would be lovely. 

Finally in our menu is the Chella Highlight Pencil. My deary me! This has just helped me so much to achieve the 'fake awake' look. Having a teething baby, working from 7am-11pm some days and just life in general can hit my eyes pretty hard. Atm I am suffering with eczema on my eye lids which is horrible. This just generally helps if you apply it in the inner corners so make your eyes look bigger, more awake and like you aren't a complete Zombie. It's been so helpful and just so easily applied. I normally use a powdered eyeshadow but this pencil is so much easier and precise to use. I've used it every day, and it's now a staple in my make up bag. 


  1. Your blog is brilliant! Such a good read, I got the cream and highlighter in my both box and I love them I also have the cream on my Christmas smells gorgeous and lasts all day so I guess its worth the money :) x

    1. Thank you, Honey. ^^ It is gorgeous. I applied it in the morning, and could still smell it when I got ready for bed that night. I'm hoping to get the fig on instead. x


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