DIY Facial;

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who said facials had to be professional? Okay, maybe it's nicer when you get pampered by someone else, but this DIY Facial has become a weekly routine for me and you only need two items...

First thing you need is a Jade Roller. This is a key component in the whole facial. Jade Rollers have key benefits like anti-ageing - it helps you lift the wrinkles and impurities out of your skin whilst having an amazing, cooling face massage. It's also said to improve circulation, reduce puffiness and to reduce pores. I love the cooling feeling on my skin - even with your body heat the roller stays cold. It also evens skin tone.

The second thing you need is an oil. I've gone with the Balance Me Extra Care Face Oil. You could use any like the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, Caudalie Divine Oil, REN Omega 3 Night Serum etc.. I add this into my skincare regime after a serum (or as a serum if I'm using the Ren Night Serum), and before a moisturiser. 

I've been using the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for a while before moisturising as it's great for dry skin and makes my skin glow, but it's only recently I've added the jade roller 1-2 times a week to apply it and it's made such a difference in my skin. All you do is apply your facial oil, and use the jade roller to massage it into your skin - simple! You don't even need to use a facial oil if you just want a facial massage. 

You get the benefits from the facial oil, and from the jade roller which is going to help moisturise any dry skin, help calm problem skin, and it's great for all skin types! This is also very calming for those who suffer from stress, which also has an effect on your skin. There isn't really a downside to this, and doing it once a week isn't going to hurt anyone.  

You can also store your jade roller in the fridge and roll it on your temples if you have a hangover or headache (Thanks Cultbeauty!)

Have you tried a Jade Roller before? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. I do need a jade roller! Great post! xx

    1. They are worth it! You could buy one from Ebay which is authentic and cheaper. Casey x


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