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Friday, 20 December 2013

Hello Lovelies;

Today's post is one that's very personal to me. I haven't suffered from eczema since I was a baby, but since being pregnant and winter has come around, I've suffered badly from it (for 4 months or so). I've also gained hay fever and asthma since pregnancy as well. I'm hoping this post can help at least one person though, as I know how badly confidence can be knocked with it. I have eczema on my forearms, and facial eczema (My eyes, cupids bow and lower lip line).

The type I have is called atopic eczema. There are certain reasons why you get atopic eczema. It may be because of hormones (pregnancy and periods), stress, dust, pollen, animals, cold weather, etc.. It's so hard to determine the reason, and there can be multiple reasons why.  

However there are certain products that can help - I've been given different products from my GP, but these are the products that have seemed to help a lot. You can get the tablets over the counter though!

The pills you can take, for one is hay fever typed tablets. This is to help with the itching for most of it, but if it you suffer with eczema because of pollen, animals - more allergy typed reasons these are perfect to help. I stopped taking my hay fever tablets when hay fever seasons went, but since taking them again they've really helped. You can buy the normal boots ones, or the more priced Benadryl. They have to be the tablets - no nasal sprays or balms...It has to get more into your system. The other pill that can help is Omega 3 Fish Oil ones - these are just the cheap ones, but they do the job. Eczema is sensitive, very dry skin and dry skin is lack of oil, so this fish oil really does help not only eczema, but your heart as well. 

Creams are the most important thing when it comes to eczema - you've got two things to tackle...Dryness and redness. Cetraben is the only product that's helped with my dryness. You may also be prescribed Double Base Gel - this isn't thick enough to help me, but a lot of younger children use this to help eczema - my nephew has it and it does work. The product that's helped with redness is Hydrocortisone Cream - This stuff has been so amazing! It's the only one that's got rid of the redness which knocked my confidence so much.  I apply this at the morning and at night - sometimes only in the morning depending on how my face is.

You may also get prescribed steroid cream - this isn't to be used on your face as it thins your skin out. This stuff is really heavy duty, and will be the next step for my arms if the other creams don't work. 

The trouble with eczema, it is all trail and error. Some things may work for me, and not for you, but hopefully this will give you a good starting point. It may come to the point where you need an allergy tests from the hospital. 

Remember, don't suffer in secret! Acne, eczema and other skin problems can be helped! 

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  1. I have been getting eczema since I was a little kid also. I used to have it really bad between my toes, but now I get it on my ring finger and wrist. Stress is usually what triggers my breakouts. I could go months without an eczema breakout and then a whole week where my finger and wrist do nothing but itch. Hydrocortisone cream helps a lot. That's what I use for my eczema breakouts. :)



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