How Much is my Face Worth?

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hello Lovelies;

I have a bad habit of always wanting to know what's inside peoples make up bag, a good spin on that is 'How much is my face worth..?' I've never actually added up all the products I use, and how much they'd actually come to...I'm sure it'll be a shock. I always love doing fun little posts like these, so here it is...

Moisturiser - Garnier Moisture Match - £7
Primer - Laura Mercier Primer - £28
Base - NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturiser - £28
Concealer - NARS Creamy Concealer - £21
Powder - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - £38
Blush - NARS Douceur - £21
Bronzer - NARS Laguna -£26
Highlighter - Benefit Watts Up - £26.00
Eyeliner - Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 - £10
Mascara - Max Factor Clump Defy - £11
Eye shadow - NARS Nepal - £18
Eyebrows - HD Brows - £20
Lip Balm - Nuxe Reve De Miel - £9
Gloss - Tony Moly Gloss Bar - £7
Blush Brush - Bloom Retractable Bronzing Brush - £30
Powder Brush - Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush - £20 (set)
Eye shadow brush - Ecotools Blending Brush - (Set)

Total = £401....

Well, that's a bit depressing to say the least...This is just on one face look. Kinda makes you seem the bigger picture. 

Go forth and do this! Don't forget to link. How much is your face worth..?


  1. Wow that is a lot!!! But then again, we don't really get all the products at once, we buy them over time... My face isn't worth as much, because I use a lot of Kiko and essence products, pretty inexpensive..the most expensive item in my makeup routine is my powder which is from MAC..

    Rosie's Life

    1. Very true! I save, or sell a product I don't use anymore to get the product I really want. That's really good. Guess I'm a bit of a high end addict now. If I were to do minimal
      It would be less than £50

  2. You look so pretty though, worth it hahahaha

  3. Wow!! I use Ecotools brushes, too! ;)

  4. oh god I don't want to know my amount! haha anyway, this was a really interesting read that put me in a different perspective! Great post!


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