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Thursday, 5 December 2013

RapidLash - £41 - 3ml

Hello Lovelies;

So, here's the download - about a week ago, I noticed 'RapidLash.' I've always had short eyelashes, and I envy my other half, and son - basically any guy! They always have longer eye lashes, so I decided to pick this up, not only for my eyelashes, but for my eyebrows as well. I've wanted to grow my eyebrows back to their natural state for awhile, so I can get them re-shaped. Right now, my 'brows are looking worse for wear to say the least! I'm sure a lot of people are thinking I'm too lazy to puck, or get them done, but I'm really having a hard time letting them grow back to their bushy state. 

I've been using this serum for a week, and it's really helped with my 'brows so far. I know they grow quicker than eyelashes anyway, but this has helped them. I haven't noticed a chance in my lashes yet, but I'll give it a few months and come back with a update. You use this once a day (at night time is best.) It isn't annoying, or a bother to use - and for the outcome to have better lashes, well I think it's worth it (usage wise). 

The little brush is really easy to use, and you apply it much like eyeliner, right near the top of your lash line. This hasn't irritated my eyes or skin at all. It's 3ml but a little goes a long way with only applying it once. It says 2 million tubes sold worldwide since launch! Which is always great. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of using this. My one expires on 05/2015 so I'll keep using it until that date. 

So far I am impressed with it, but I won't do a full review until I see, or don't see a difference with my eyelashes. 

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