Stocking Fillers for Beauty Lovers (Less than £20);

Thursday, 12 December 2013

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Hello Lovelies;

With Christmas getting closer, I thought it was about time that I did a Christmas like post. Today's is the Stocking Filler post - I'm too old to get a stocking, but that doesn't mean I don't eye up certain products. What's great..They're all from FeelUnique and their delivery is free - or you can pay more to get it faster. 

#1 EcoTools Fresh and Flawless Brush Set - I adore Ecotools, and I use their brushes often. I may have to buy this as an early Chrimbo gift. You get 5 brushes for £11.99 which is really good. I love the designs of the brushes as they're so cute! A flat Concealer brush, a concealer buffing brush, foundation brush, blending brush and powder brush. I am really eyeing up the concealer buffing brush. A perfect set for people who love, or are just starting out in make up.

#2 Pixi Ice Lip Buster - This is a limited edition set, and is such a lovely little set. What I love is that you can open the set up, and wrap them up singly - if you have two people who like cosmetics give them a 1 shimmer and one tint each. They're such pretty colours and are perfect for this time of the year. They've picked from their best selling colours. For £11 it's a steal!

#3 Nails Inc Best Dressed Nails Collection - This is for those nail lovers out there. A lovely range of colours that I again simply adore. You can again, singly wrap these and give them to different people, or give as the set. This set is £16 - but if you think the total would be £22, you save a few pennies. I'd love to get this set (hint hint). 

#4 Eylure Get the Look Kit - Natural - I'm a big lover of natural eyeshadows, and this palette is just beautiful. I think it's a classic look, and for those who are just starting out with make up, is isn't too over the top, and a make up lover - classic is always beautiful. This palette tells you where to apply the eye shadow, or you can have some fun on your own. You also get eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes. For £19.20 I think it's going to go very quickly. This allows you to create a beautiful smokey eye which is great for the party season.

#5 Caudalie Lip and Hand Rescue - In this set you get a lip moisturiser, and Hand and nail cream. I'm a bit obsessed with lip balm and hand cream, so I couldn't not add this. For £7.20 I think it'd be a great stocking gift. You'd don't need to be a make up lover to use this. Everyone need lip balm and hand cream right? I mean, we all have lips and hands that need a bit of TLC. 

#6 Philip Kingsley Happy Hair Days Book - Every girl loves happy hair days, so who wouldn't love a book which teaches you how that's possible? Another product I may have to get for myself. I have a lot of make up books, but no hair ones...why? This is only £5.55 - with free delivery you have no excuse not to get this book, though it may be a little big in your stocking.

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