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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hello Lovelies;

I feel like I fall behind on the blogging scene if I don't post every single day - I've been really busy recently. I had a relapse last week, and decided there and then I was going to get back into fitness to pick myself up. I've been working, looking after Alec, doing normal house hold chores and working out.

My nails have been last on my list of things to sort out. I removed my lovely Leighton Denny colour when it it looked chipped (it wasn't actually chipped, my nails just grew). I didn't repaint my nails, but was getting bored on my natural nails as they just look matte and dull - que Colour Quick! I haven't used the Sally Hansen Colour Quick pen in ages, and I forgot how much I missed it. I have the shade Sheer Beige. In one coat it adds a lovely shine to your nails in two an opaque beige natural colour, just like you've had a manicure and it look seconds! I forgot how easy this pen was to use and by got I forgot why I stopped using it.

You pump the product through to the tip which is much like a normal nail polish brush. This is a lot easier to use than ANY other nail polish. The control is so easy, and you can get great application from it. You can pick this up in lots of different colours online - Blue, orange, red, gold, sliver etc.. You get 4ml's of product which is a decent amount. You can get them from £2-£5 depending where you look - Ebay, Amazon, FragranceDirect all stock it. This isn't very easy to get your hands on anywhere else buy online. I've ordered a few extra colours to try out, but I think it's going to be a full on winner. As much as I love my Leighton Denny Colour and Go polish, but for quickness this is perfect. You can't really overdo it either, and I could apply this in a car, train, bus and the application would be so easy!

Sorry it's a quick post today. I am going to do a fitness post soon as a regular addition to the blog. Hope you're all doing well!

Have you tried this product? If not, I would! 


  1. I've never used this before but I've always seen them. I paint my nails a lot but I really dislike doing it, haha! Maybe this would be a good change!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. I just nominated you for The Sunshine Award, here's the info http://loriscreativity.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-sunshine-award.html


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