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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Want perfect beach curls? I'm pretty lucky to be born with curly hair, but when I brush my hair, all my curls fall and frizz out, so there a few products I use to get those curls back.

The Sachjuan Ocean Mist is a product for those that don't have curly hair. You can spray this on dry, or damp hair to give beautiful beach curls. This has more of an 'out of the sea' look - with a more matte beach look. This doesn't leave your hair crispy at all. This is the best spray that I've tried..and I've tried A LOT of salt sprays. It's a little more expensive, but really gets the job done.

I love the bottle - it looks very crisp and professional. It's the better of both designs. It does what it says on the bottle 'and that's not a lot' It sprays out as a fine mist and with 150ml of product it's sure to last you a long time. 

If you've already got curls, and you want to re-activate them so to speak, look no further than then Redken Curvaceous Wind Up Spray. This is a proud for those of us with curly hair that may have lost the curls due to weather, brushing etc.. A quick spritz of this and your hair will be lovely and curly again. It does just re-activate the curls and gives them a shock of life. 

You get 145ml of product and just like the Ocean mist, this product will last forever. It is in the same £20+ price range, but I use this everyday after brushing my hair and it really is worth it if you do use it all the time.

Both products are ones I highly recommend and were both in my Best of '13 post - yes, they're that good! So if you're looking for a no heat hair style, try these sprays. I know they're expensive, but I really think they're worth it. 

Look at my Blog Picture to see how Redken Wind Up looks when used!


  1. Great products I too have naturally curly hair, never wear it curly though I just find it takes so much more effort then when it's straight I would like to start embracing them more though this summer so perhaps these two products would be a great place to start...I'm intrigued by the Redken curvaceous range x

    1. I know what you mean. In high school and college I used to straighten my hair every day without fail. Since having my son I didn't have the time so I used these product to help perfect my natural curls. It's so much easier! x


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