Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hello Lovelies;

I made a promise to myself this week, and that was to relax a lot more than I actually do. We've got a stressful few months ahead. I'm changing jobs, house hunting and we have to move out by April. People all do different things to relax, reading, exercise etc.. I tend to have a relaxing bath to calm myself down. 

The first step to relax is to remove all your make up. I can't relax if I come out with panda eyes. Let's avoid that and it's also relaxing for your skin. You can use whatever cleanser you love. I just clean the Pai Muslim Cloth to remove the make up with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

Next I use the Aromatherapy Revive Morning Oil - This is actually more relaxing than the relaxing oil. I add two caps of this into the bath. This is relaxing and smells lovely.  A great alternative to this is the Mum and Me Baby Sleep Tight. It isn't an oil, more a relaxing bubble bath, and only around £3 for over 200ml. I use it in Alec's bedtime bath.  

Even though I enjoy candles for relaxing - I always spritz a little something to help make the room smell lovely. I love using the Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Ambiente. This is such an amazing spray to help you relax. I adore it and use it in every room if I've had a bad day and this really relaxes me. You can also spray this in your bedroom to help drift you asleep. A good alternative for this is the Avon Room Sprays - They have lots of different scents depending on your choice.

Time to get clean! I don't bother with the whole normally routine and just use this Ayuuri Body Wash in Coconut. This is my all time favourite body wash. It's really relaxing and moisturising. It smells amazing and is 100% natural. I wish this was easier to get hold of. It's around £5 which is brilliant!

After the relaxing bath I moisturiser and do my normal skincare routine (not pictured). This Laura Mercier Body Souffle smells so amazing and is really light and moisturising. It's expensive but I cannot knock it. It's the only high end moisturiser I've tried but you can find better drug store ones.

To help you get to sleep, safe and sound I use a sleep balm. I had to show these both because they're both amazing. I use the Sleep Balm by This Works, but the Mum and Me Sleep Tight Balm is a great alternative and Alec uses it every night. with a £10 difference, and you get 10g more in the Mum and Me one, I think it's really worth a check out. I would use a pillow spray, but since my facial eczema has flared up I'm not brave enough to use it in case it irritates me. :(

Anywho! That's what I generally do. I will use a face mask depending on how many times I've tried it in the week. Hope you enjoyed this post.

What do you do to relax?


  1. I use elizabeth arden's 8 hour protective cream (which is really petrolatum) on by baby's facial eczema. It's not the best looking but it really helps heal the redness

    1. I haven't tried the protective version. I use Cetraben for my son's face to stop facial eczema.

  2. That looks like an awesome pampering session! I really want to try the Emma Hardie cleansing balm ;D

    Georgina (now following you) :)

    1. Thank you, Lovely! It's the best balm cleanser I've ever tried. x

  3. Lovely blog!

    Do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

    xx from

  4. I really loved this post, especially the photos - your blog is so nicely designed! :)

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award - if you want to do it my questions for you are here:

    1. Omgeee! Thank you so much! I'll look through and answer the questions. ^^ x


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