A Spring Flush;

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

With spring fast approaching, I'm moving from my plumy, deep blushes to move onto peachy pink tones. I don't always tend to stick to certain colours for certain seasons, but I don't generally wear deep plums in the summer. I love the fresh spring look, and the Benefit Hervana blush is the perfect blush for spring/summer.

The product itself is in the signature Benefit box packaging. I really like the front design of the box - like a heaven angle design. It's a swirl of 4 different colours - A white, purple pink, dusky punk and coral pink which if you swish your brush around the product it creates the most gorgeous blossom pink. This colour just adds a lovely natural flush to your cheeks. I cannot fault it at all. The pigmentation isn't high but it's very easy to build it to the pigmentation you want., it's easy to blend if you go a bit heavy handed and it would suit almost anyone. 

You get 8.0g's of product, which I think is a really decent amount for £23 - and you'd have to use it everyday for over a year to get even half way through. It is a very natural blush, and even though I don't use it everyday, right now - I'm sure I'll be using this, along with a few more pink and peach toned blushers throughout the coming seasons. Estee has a post on this blush as her 'everyday blush,' even though that was last year, I think it tells you how good it is. It is a very natural everyday blush. 

When you first look at it, the blush looks matte but it does have a sheen to it - it's more of a satin finish but you can only tell in certain lights. When it's on your face it's the same because it looks matte in only certain lights - but don't get me wrong, it isn't Edward sparkly when the light hits you. 

I can understand why so many people love this blush. It's perfect for my pale skin - not too overpowering and the perfect pop of colour. If you like full on blush, or a natural sheen this is perfect for all of you. 

Have you tried Benefit Hervana? 


  1. im totally checking this out the next time im in sephora!!! Great review :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  2. This blush looks beautiful and I feel like it would compliment most skin tones great :) Cute blog, newest follower!



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