Aromatherapy Associates - Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil;

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

As of last week, I started working out again. I felt weirdly empowered. Needless to say, at the end of this week, after not doing any real form of exercise since PE in High School, my muscles were sore as hell, and I turned to this little lovely to help cure my pains. 

The Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil was a blessing in a little glass bottle. I always find having a bath relaxes me, and I recently bought this in a blogsale waiting for an excuse to use it. This doesn't only relax your muscles in the bath, the smells also relaxes you to no end. You do use around two caps per bath, so this will last 3-5 uses. I've used it once already, so maybe 4 uses before it gone?

This is only the small sample, and the bigger size is 55ml for wait for it...£39! I spend a far bit on make up and skincare, but I couldn't find good reason to spend £39 on a bath oil. Yes, it is good. Yes, it does what it says it will. Yes, I bloody love it. I will be sad when it's gone, but I cannot, for all the will in the World spend that much money on a bath oil. If you do have the pennies to spend, or you are looking for a luxe gift to get for yourself or someone else that enjoys baths, or work out a lot, I highly recommend this. 

I do have eczema, and this doesn't seem to irritate it. It does say to be aware if you do have skin conditions, and not to use it if you're pregnant. I also have the Revive Morning oil (sample size) and I do use it now and then. I do have a one year oil, so having a daily bath or shower in the morning is out of the cards - What one year old would stand for that? They are lovely little gifts, and once they're using up I will be using the bottles to store other little oils as they're so cute and handy. I am tempted to try the Ren Rose Otto Bath Oil. It's better value for money, at £30 for 110ml. 

Have you tried any AA Bath Oils? What's your favourite bath oils to use? 

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