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Monday, 3 February 2014

Hello Lovelies;

When it comes to lip products, I wear more high street/drugstore daily over any other kind of make up. I feel that the high street does lip product just as well as high end products. I mainly stick to 'my lips but better' shades, and plum tones - I'm not a bright lip kinda girl. Here's a few of my lip lovers from the high street.

The L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash in Lolita this is my most worn lip colour. It goes with every look. If you don't know, I'm a very natural make up girl, and this is just a perfect shade. All the other shades look natural, but this just never looks too much. It's a dupe of the YSL Glossy Stains so if you cannot afford them, and you want something this is perfect. It has great lasting powder which is important as everyone wants their products to last as long as possible. I'll always re-purchase this. I can apply this without a mirror, and it doesn't smudge so no worries about getting lippie on your tooth. 

I don't use a lot of Max Factorproducts, but once I swatched the shade I knew I had to get this. The shade is 'Burnt caramel' Max Factor Lipstick which is a dusky pink. Again, it's a natural everyday shade, but it's a bit more brown toned, making it more stand out compared to Lolita. The packaging looks more high end which I love. The formula is creamy and it does last pretty well. This is a really lovely shade and it would look good on a lot of people.

The Petite Bunny Gloss Bars are so adorable, and they're a great product to get your hands on. I love all the different shades, but I tend to wear cherry or peach more. This is harder to get your hands on. You can pick them up from Ebay. They aren't too glossy, and have a lovely colour pigment. Very moisturising and there isn't really a downside to the product apart from getting your hands on them. I promise you they're worth it. 

The Korres Liquid Lipstick is a product I mentioned not too long ago. It's my favourite liquid lip product. Very moisturising and doesn't get all over your face. This is natural, and much like Burnt Caramel in the shade department. Very easy to apply and the lasting powder beats the Apocalips. Again, it isn't easy to get in any shops. Ebay is the place to go again. You can pick up different shades. They're so pigmented and creamy. They're really worth trying!

The Lanolips is a lip ointment with a tint of rose - you can get different tinted shades. I went with rose as it's the most natural. I keep this in my hand bag and it's just the perfect lip balm/colour combo. It isn't really glossy, and it keeps your lips moisturised for so long. I always use it when I'm out and about. I love that there is just a tint of colour so it isn't too over the top so no need for a mirror. I loved the Lemon Aid Lanolips so I had to get my hands on this beauty. You can pick these up at most Boots stores.

Last up if my L'Oreal Rouge Caresse products. I adore all of these! Dating Coral is a must have for spring/summer, and Tempting Coral is a beautiful shade that isn't too baby pink, and not too purple. It's a lovely fresh spring shade which will be worn. I will be wearing it throughout the spring/summer along with Dating Coral. I love the formulas and they have a great colour range. I prefer these over the Revlon Lip Butters. These just feel so much more buttery and moisturising. The pigmentation is really good, and can be applied more sheer, and more intense depending on what look you want.

All of these products are my most worn lip products that I wear mostly throughout the year. I do stick to more natural shades, so if that's what you looking for - pick a product, any product!

What's your favourite drugstore lip product?


  1. My favourites are the maybelline color whisper, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Model Co Cheek and Lip Stain. Great Blog!
    Check me out: Beauty and lifestyle.

    1. I haven't seen the Maybelline Color Whisper - I'll have to check them out! Thank you ^^

  2. the petite bunny one is so cute !! never seen it before ! :)
    i love barry m lipsticks :)
    Melissa x

    1. It is very cute! Sad it isn't easy to get in the UK. I'm with you there! I like the colour. They're so pigmented. X

  3. I love the petite bunny lipgloss, tony moly makes the cutest products

    1. I'm a big fan of their products. They haven't let me down yet! X

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  5. Great selection!)Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  6. Hi! I'm a new blogger! my favorite drugstore lip product would be the NYC lip gliders but sadly they were discontinued I loved them so much! I also really like the Nivea Fruity Shine they were really moisturizing and left really nice shimmer and color but i can only find them in Canada.
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