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Friday, 7 February 2014

Hello Lovelies;

So I thought I'd share my make up with you today. I haven't used a few of these products for awhile, thought whenever I do use them I enjoy doing so. All these products fit together nicely. I do find some foundation blend better with certain primers and concealers. It's always nice to find a great mix just like these lovely products above. This make up took all of 10 minutes to apply - I'm all for quick and perfect make up (meaning I get to sleep in longer).

The Clarins Beauty Flash Blam isn't a product that I tend to use often, I find it works amazingly with the Dior BB Creme. They both compliment each other as I find the BB Creme can be a little drying on my skin, so using the Beauty Flash Balm with it makes it a lot more moisturising. You don't rub the balm in, more apply an even layer over your face, so when you apply your base it blends in with it and it makes the most amazing base. The Origins Plantscription Concealer is my favourite high end concealer to use under my eyes. It's anti-aging which I love the idea of - I don't want to be all wrinkly too early with my eyes. It's very hydrating, and the coverage is medium. It does a great job of covering my dark circles and just brightens the whole under eye area up. 

Time for a cheeky product, and I'm coming at you with a lovely natural pink - if you read my 'make up menu' post, you'd have seen the N07 Soft Damson blush - this is much like it with adding a pop of natural pink on your cheeks. I don't use cream products a lot, but this Stilla Convertable Color in Lilium is a beautiful colour that blends in really well. For my eyes I'm just using the Max Factor Clump Defy Waterproof Mascara I hate the wand with a passion - it's just curvy and so annoying. I love the product though. It's give me the most long, and natural lashes over any other product I've tried. It doesn't clump at all. I only need to apply one layer and that's all you need. I've used this and gone outside in torrential rain and it hasn't given me any panda eyes at all! It wouldn't be an MOTD without putting in an eyebrow product - I've used the Illamasqua Brow Cake today - no regrets with this product at all! It's a lovely brow powder. I have the shade Thunder which is perfect for my dark brown brows. It doesn't smudge or budge all day. It's really easy to apply. The product is so cute and you get a lovely little mirror in there to help apply the product - though it isn't big enough to apply all your make up.

So, that's my make up for today. Quick and simple - yet it leaves you with a fresh, flawless spring face. I highly recommend all these products. Even though I don't use them all the time, they are those products that I'll leave, come back to and think 'why'd I ever leave you?' It's always great to mix it up though!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday, and enjoy your weekend.

What's on your face today..?


  1. I've never thought of using my flash balm with a bb cream before, but going to try it out now!

    chelsea sharkie

  2. Nothing is and will be on my face today! Home day, so I'm staying in my dressing gown all day!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Love all the products you mentioned, the Stila blushes are a must for me :) xx

  4. I have several of these products on my wishlist. Definitely interested in giving some of these products a go!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’


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