Morning Skincare Regime;

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hello lovelies;

I've never do any other skincare in the morning apart from moisturiser, primer and setting spray after make up. Recently I've been trying to change that. It isn't due to being lazy that I don't do it, more for the fact of my skin. If I use moisturiser my skin goes red, how would it look if I did a whole skincare regime? Sunburnt? Yes, and honey no amount of make up is going to clear that up! Bare in mind I have dry skin so I don't mind to pile lots of make up on - Even if I have a bit of redness, I just leave it as a base and concealer (any place other than under my eyes) is too much for my skin. 

I've seemed to find a good balance that doesn't annoy my skin too my. It doesn't irritate it in the way that it itches, or feels uncomfortable, it just makes me go red. 

I don't cleanse in the morning - Warm water on my skin will make me go red, even if the products don't - I use the Yonka Invigorating Mist - This is a toner and is good enough just to get away any bits of dirt on my skin between cleansing and waking up. Isn't too annoying for my skin. It gives it a moisture boots as It's for dry skin and has oils in it. I normally spray this directly on my face, and if I have any dry patches I spray this on a cotton pad and just go over the dry patches with the product to help it a bit. 

I don't use a serum in the morning. I haven't found one that doesn't make me go too red. I haven't tried the Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Refinisher - I ran out a week ago - I shall give it a go though! For my eyes I apply some Hydrocortisone cream on my eye lids to prevent eczema, and the Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Rescue as I have horrid dryness under my eyes. I've only been using this for a few days but it's been working really well. 

I normally pick my moisturiser on the morning - if my skin is dry, I'll go for something a bit more heavy like the Oilatum Natural Reapair Face Cream or Garnier Moisture Match - both of these products do make my face red, but I've had that all my life until recently I got the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer - This is the only moisturiser that hasn't made my skin red, and has stopped it going red throughout the day. I adore this stuff, the only problem? It's light - and when I see light, I feel it isn't as deeply moisturising. I normally go for more moisturiser to keep my levels up. Dry skin is also caused by stress, and this is meant to help that, so maybe it'll balance it out? I'll review this later, but so far it's been fine. I haven't used it on fuller coverage or more drying foundations like the LM Silk Creme, or L'Oreal Moisturiser match, but it's good to use with my Nars Tinted Moisturiser or Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. 

For a primer, I always go with something hydrating, dewy - nothing silicon based. I do have large pores, but I hate the feel and it isn't good with my skin. My primer of choice...Monu Illuminating Primer - by far my favourite. I adore how dewy this stuff is and it just perfects everything. I'm still on the 20ml sample, and I will need to buy the full size when this runs out as I love it too much not to use it. It has SPF15 which is great as you're always meant to use it and I wouldn't use a normal cream as my face reacts to it too much. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is a great primer that's a moisturising gel formula. A great drugstore choice is the Bourjous Happy Light Luminous Primer - I haven't tried any other drugstore primers that are good for dry skin, but this is a good choice, though it's on the more expensive side of the scale. for 15mls of product it's £10, and the Monu is £22 for 50ml so Monu is cheaper.  Lastly, after all the make up is done I just the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (Seen here in a Hello Kitty bottle).

Do you have a morning skincare regime? 

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