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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hello Lovelies;

Being a beauty lover, I have lots of products that get pushed to the back, I forget about them, or I love another product so much that I don't swap things around. I know no girl should have 10 different concealers, but I cannot help a good hyped product!

Only of the products I've re-purchased many times over and loved is the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B10. This is a light base that just perfects everything - it leaves you with a natural glow and a beautiful finish. I do love this base, and every time I go back to it I wonder why I stopped using it. It doesn't hide all my flaws, but it does dull down redness, get rid of fatigue and just makes your skin bright and awake. This isn't the cheapest product, but I have never used anything like it - nothing that's as naturally perfecting with the same amount of glow. It's such a unique base that I should use more - I probably will when summer rolls round. 

I don't generally bother with a bronzer day-to-day, but there are some days I look at my pale skin and think it needs a bit of a glow. I generally pick up the Soap and Glory Solar Powder and don't differ from it, until I picked out my Bourjois Bronzing primer - I know it says it's a primer, but I never use it as one. For me this is a better version of the Chanel Soil De Tan - Its more of a mousse texture where the Chanel version is more thick and less easy to use in my opinion. You can blend this to the point where it's invisible on the skin. It's such a lovely bronzer and perfect for pale skin as you can blend it to the right colour even for my NC15 skin. This also smells like chocolate which is teasing for someone who's giving up chocolate. The smell isn't over the top or would bother irritated skin. 

Lastly is a product you can see has been well loved. The Benefit Boi-ing Concealer. I haven't used this in so long. My under eyes have been so dry recently, and as this is a thick concealer, I haven't gone near it since - but, for some reason this is perfect to use - even my Benefit Fake up catches dry bits but this doesn't - strange! I just put my finger on the product, and let the heat from my finger melt a bit of product, and I use the product on my finger and tap it under my eyes and use a brush to blend it in. This is a seriously good concealer for dark circles. It really is that high coverage even for my horrible under eyes. Even though I'm normally the lightest shade, shade 2 seems to work for me with this. 

Have you found any product you've re-loved recently?


  1. I love when you find old products you forgot you loved. The Bourjois looks really good as a bronzer, I may try it as powder bronzers don't work that great for me. xx

    1. It's a great bronzer and you can never overuse it - You can blend it to the point you cannot see is which is great if you use too much. x

  2. I really want to try the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer but it's a bit on the pricey side for me, would you say it's worth it?

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    1. If you need a high coverage concealer it's really worth it. x


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