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Monday, 24 February 2014

Hello lovelies;

Monday again! Here's a post to hopefully make that day a little bit brighter. I don't think I've ever done a 'what's in my bag' post - enjoy! 

I haven't added or taken anything out of my bag - these are the bits I carry around to work with me. I do have different things day to day going out with Alec such as (a change of clothes, nappies, baby wipes etc...)  When you have a baby, it's like you're going on holiday everyday with the amount of stuff. Here's the little bits that I take when I'm out without Alec or I'm at work.

My bag is from Disaster Designs - It's got a Robin perched on a Blossom Tree. It's their Vintage Bird Design weekend bag and around £40-£60 depending where you go. It has a bird print one side, and a brow side on the other with a large pocket and a picture of a robin. Inside is has a lovely vintage floral design. This bag is real leather, and I've had it for about 4 years and it's been with me day to day, on holiday you name it! It was also my hospital bag. It is getting battered and the toggles attached to the zips are nearly hanging off, but I adore this bag too much to stop using it. 

I have a few electrical stuff in my bag. My Phone, the IPhone 4s with a Aztec cover. Filofax to keep up to day with my to-do list, any idea I have go in here and it's good if you need to write any dates with work as well. I have the Pocket Finsbury and it's go handy day to day. I have a portable IPhone charger (Juice Cube) in purple - and ofc  phone USB to charge it up. I always run out of battery when I'm working from 7am-11pm and this is so loved! I also have a bog standard pen, and I also have my NikeFuel Band which I mainly use as a watch. It ran out of battery so it is sitting in my bag waiting to be charged. 

The few bits floating around my bag are - Door keys (a must) well, these are the spare ones as mine have gone missing :S Alec's Bonjela Teething Gel. I have no idea why this is in there. I go to work and find dummies, toys, anything in my bag that he puts in there before I leave. I have cough sweets (Halls soothers in Blackcurrant) that probably need to be thrown away. Carex Hand and Surface spray. I don't bother with the anti bac' hand gel as this is alcohol free so no dry hands, and it's great with Alec if I need to spray a something I.E he's thrown a toy on the floor when we're out.. 

The snack part of my bag isn't exciting... An Empty Lucozade, because I drank it all even though I had water. I didn't have much energy and this seemed to help. A bottle of water - because I always need a drink with me as I feel faint pretty often. 9 bars - Original and Pumpkin - The most tasty snack in the world! I also have a little sandwich bag I put rubbish wrapping in. This have a 9bar Pumpkin wrapping and a waffle wrapper in it. 

Glasses case - holds my normal reading glasses and my sunglasses with a little mirror in the middle and a netted pocket to put in my glasses cloth. I love the vintage design and even though it's a bit bulky it's better as a pose to carrying around two glasses cases. A purse with little card, bank cards, shop cards, money and the normal stuffs. It's a Jane Shilton purse and also leather (sorry) bought from TKMax.

For my handbag bag I have pain killers - Nurofen,  inhaler and Hydrocortisone cream for my eczema. OPI Nail envy, Burts Bees Butter Cuticle Creme, L'Occitane hand cream in Mango which smells amazing. Sally Hansen Color Quick in Sheer Beige. I don't normally carry nail things - If I have a long trip or need to do them I take them and do them whilst on the move. For beauty bits I have a normal mirror which can flip and stand up. Benefit fake up - if I need to cover anything throughout the day, Burts bee's lip balm - I cannot leave the house without lip balm! I either go back or I have to buy one. It isn't just me right? the NARS Tolede lipstick. It's a beautiful everyday shade and you don't really need a mirror to apply it. Finally is the Blush perfume by M&S (Autograph) it's such a beautiful perfume and it's so cheap! I have a 10ml size for my bag which is nearly out, and I have the 30ml size to keep at home (also nearly out). 

That's it for what's in my make up bag. I guess it's all normal day to day stuff right? 

What's in your make up bag? Post and link below! 


  1. Your bag is so cute!! =) I would love to have a glasses case like that one, where both my sunnies and my eyeglasses would fit together =D

    Rosie's Life

    1. Thank you, Honey. I got mine from Avon though that was last Summer. They'll be floating g around the web somewhere! Xx

  2. Ahh! Such a cute purse! :) Love it!


  3. Thank you, Honey. Hope you're doing well xx

  4. I love these posts :)

    L'Occitane hand cream is incredible, I swear by it. I feel you on the Hydrocortisone cream - I suffer from eczema and so often have something to soothe the itch close by.

    Great blog x



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