Day/Night Eye Cream duo;

Monday, 17 March 2014

(Top swatch - Caudalie - Bottom Swatch - Michael Todd)

Hello Lovelies;

Eye creams are something that's pretty important in my skin care regime. I've got natural dark circles under my eyes, and a bit of puffiness. Since having a baby, it hasn't done my eyes any favours. I'm prone to eczema around my eyes, making my under eyes dry, and the late nights won't help those dark circles decrease. I've got two different eye creams for my eyes - one for day, and one for night. 

My night time eye cream is the Michael Todd Intensive Organic Eye Cream - This is a thicker eye cream. It isn't really suitable for my during the day, as it's too thick to be able to apply concealer a few minutes after. This is the best eye cream I've tried for puffiness, hydration dark circles. It really has reduced the darkness around my eyes to the point where I can leave the house without concealer and not looking like I haven't slept in days. The only problem with this product is that you can't easily get it in the UK. I've got two of these as you can't get it within a few days, and this will last me the best part of a year. Michael Todd says this is 90% organic which I love - I don't like putting acid or other chemicals around my eyes. I've been using this since last year, and it was so great during Hayfever Season - It helped soothe my dry, itchy and sore eyes. 

My daytime eye cream has got to be the Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Rescue. This isn't anywhere near as thick as the Michael Todd cream. It's still hydrating and gets rid of puffy eyes. I use this in the morning after I've toned, and do my moisturiser, primer and foundation before applying my concealer so it's got time to sink in. This is the perfect under eye cream to use in the morning as it really does refresh your eyes. It doesn't annoy my sensitive skin as Caudalie is a more organic/natural brand. This is from their Vinosource range - I adore their Vinosource SOS Serum so this was bound to be amazing. This is meant to help with dark circles as well. With using my Michael Todd Cream it's hard to tell which once is helping more - that doesn't really matter to me though because they compliment each other so beautifully. I mainly bought this after Estee from EssieButton mentioned it in her morning regime - I wanted it to hydrated under my eyes. Before using this my concealer would crease, or cling to dry patches under my eyes and this is a god send for stopping that. 

Both of these eye cream are great for people with dry, sensitive eyes - dark circles and puffy eye be gone! I think these would suit so many people - There's a US option (Michael Todd) and Europe option (Caudalie) - Like thick or thin eye creams? You cannot go wrong with either of these. I'll keep using these and loving them. 

What's your favourite eye cream? Do you use two different types?


  1. I use kiehls avacado and like it so far. I dont use concealer under my eyes, so I do not have problem with heavy creams. I might have to check the micheal todd one. It is a brand that I have been meaning to check out.

    1. It's such a lovely eye cream. Michael Todd are an amazing brand. I haven't tried the Kiehls one before - I'll have to check it out. x

  2. I dont really use eye-cream as I dont feel like I need to but I might give one of these a try.


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