March Favourites '14;

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hello Lovelies;

March has been a great month for me. I got to go and see some friends that I haven't seen since '12, and managed to get two job offers. The flowers are blooming again, and we have some lovely bouts of sunshine. As I suffer from 'SAD' (seasonal affective disorder) I always look forward to this time of the year as my mood just brightens up as well as the weather! 

I've got a few favourites this month - let's start with non-beauty clothing shall we? For clothing I've been loving my Fat Face jumper - It's a cotton light pink jumper with darker pink flex in it. This is a perfect spring/summer jumper for days where it isn't warm enough to go out just in a t-shirt. It's one of my favourite jumpers to wear. I never feel myself without a leather jacket. You can dress them up and down - They're just perfect and this H&M Leather Jacket is an item I've had for a few years. I find leather jackets are perfect for this time of the year where the weather is just getting warmer - as well as Autumn time where the weather is cooling down. You can have it over a t-shirt or over a t-shirt and jumper depending on how cold it is. When I heard there was a dupe of the Zara City Office Bag (Dupe from primark) I was over the moon and headed straight to my local Primark to see if they had them in stock - no luck! I saw that they recently re-stocked them and I was overjoyed! I love this bag. It's perfect for more formal and everyday wear. The difference between this, and the Zara bag is that the Zara bag middle section closes with a zip (three zips in total) the Primark bag's middle section closes with a magnetic popper. I adore it and it fits everything in it I could possibly want! 

I recently broke my sunglasses case - I was so upset as I've had it for years and they didn't make the design any more. I searched through shop after shop - online and in town. I came across this Aztec Floral Sunglasses Case on Ebay and just fell in love with it. The pattern is very chic and even though it isn't very bright or 'summery' it goes perfectly with my style - and it's a hard case which is a bonus! I think everyone has (or like to think) everyone has a favourite type of Ipod. Mine is the Ipod Nano 3rd Gen' I think this is the perfect all around Ipod. It's lightweight, has a screen, isn't too big/fat - easy to use. The Ipod Touch? Too Big/fat. The Ipod Shuffle? No screen. For me everything about it is just perfect and I always carry it around with me to help zone out. 

 I've been wearing Marc Jacob's Honey Perfume throughout the last months. It's such a go-to spring/summer scent. It's fresh, floral and the design is just stunning. I really want to get my hands on the 'dot' scent. I'll be wearing this for the next few months - My Mum loves the scent as well - and may be getting it as a Mothers Day gift. If you haven't smelt the Marc Jacob's Range I highly recommend you do as the packaging and scents are so beautiful. The Stila Convertable colours are so lovely and have a great shade range. They're easy to pop in your bag for top ups throughout the day. I have the shade Lillium which is a pretty pink shade that's perfect for spring/summer. It's very natural and just gives your cheeks a fresh pop of colour. You can get these in a set of three - if you love cream blushes they're really worth it. I've tried a lot of hair serums throughout my time, but my favourite is the Toni&guy Shine Glossy Serum this isn't heavy, gives your hair a shiny, silky feel and helps combat frizz. I have frizzy hair and this just tames it throughout the day. I use this everyday and it doesn't build up in my hair or make it greasy. If you're looking for a hair serum I recommend this. L'Oreal have brought out their new (L'Oreal) liquid lipstick which you may have noticed in my previous post. This is just the perfect everyday lip and is such a gorgeous fresh faced natural shade. I'm not normally a fan of liquid lipsticks as they're normally heavy and sticky but these are lightweight, good pigmentation and not sticky. They set just like a lipstick and they're the only product I love re-applying throughout the day. 

What have you been loving this month?


  1. i have been loving my beauty sleep and my very cute PT (who is by the way, too young for me)

    1. Beauty sleep is always a favourite :P nothing wrong with a toy boy! X

  2. I cant explain how much i love your photography, Your so good wow! What camera do you use ?

  3. Looks like a great collection of favorites. Well done!
    Renee x

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