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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello lovelies - Welcome to the first post in the new 'what's in her make up bag series' Today's post is from Jenn. Take it away;

Hi I'm Jenn from over at Photo-Jenn-ic. I'm going to let you in on what I put on my face from day to day! I know it can be fascinating to watch people doing their make up and if you're like me you like to know what products are being carried around with them. So if that's the case then here, have a little nosey at my collection.....

This is a small selection of what I would carry around with me if I was going away for the weekend maybe. Anything longer and I would take a lot more (you can never be too prepared!) But I've tried to limit it down to a sensible amount, the 'bare essentials' if you will! I got this great little make-up bag for Mothers Day last year, The design really made me laugh and it's a great size for keeping everything together, whist also making sure I don't over pack!

Here's a few bits I have inside-

Porefessional is my current primer of choice, it's so soft and provides an excellent base for my foundation and makes sure it stays put. This sample size is great to carry around too.

I use a few different foundations but one I will always go back to is my MAC pro-longwear. It's so long lasting and has amazing coverage, it's a little pricey but you really get what you pay for. The MAC mineralise concealer is amazing too, it really covers up my dark circles and applies like a dream. For quick touch-ups the Maybelline Fit Me Stick is excellent and really compact and I pair this with the Fit Me Powder to combat shine. 

I picked up the Revlon Highlighter Palette recently  and I'm really impressed with it. it's got 5 gorgeous rose gold shades to highlight. They could even be swept across an eyelid if needed or if blended all together it makes for a lovely blusher too. I love a good multipurpose product! 

For contouring and adding a bit of a bronzed look I use my ultimate favourite make up product, Benefit's Hoola. That may seem like a bold claim but I've repurchased it so many times and I can't fault it! It's a great colour, not too orange and really buildable. 

My lipsticks vary from day to day but my go-to is a Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake, a gorgeous pink that makes me look very fresh faced when I wear it. If I want a bit more colour I opt for a lip crayon, Peach on the beach by Bourjois is a favourite of mine at the moment. With the sun coming out I like to go for a few brighter colours!

For my brows you can't go wrong with the HD Brows kit. It's raved about for good reason, highly pigmented and really helps to make my brows look more presentable.

I always carry around a Black eyeliner, my current one is Maybellines' Master Kohl Liner which I love as it is so pigmented and really stays put. Carrying a black liner with me has been a habit since I was at school but it can easily change a day look to night with a simple black line along the lash line.

I use my Naked 2 and 3 palette a lot but an easy palette to travel with is my Gosh smokey eye palette. It has brown and gold shades which are great for day wear. They are easy to blend and great to use to line the eyes for a bit of subtle definition too. And last but by no means least the L'Oreal Mega Volume collagene is my favourite mascara ever! It makes my lashes so long and thick and I haven't found a mascara that's come close. You don't always have to go for high end to get great results!

I've reviewed a couple of these bits in the past if you want a bit more detail or feel free to ask me anything! Come and say hi over at my blog or follow me on any of these...


Thank's for an amazing post Jenn! I love your make up bag and the HD Brows Kit is to die for! Don't forget to stop by Jenn's blog and other social platforms to say hello. 

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  1. awesome guest post! You have a great make up bag Jenn! ps- let me know if you would like to follow each other!! xxx haemeandrobecca.blogpsot.com


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